Magnesium-Zinc coated steels

Technical description

Magnelis is manufactured in a classic hot dip galvanizing line and process. It differs in the composition of the bath, a fusion of special chemical composition composed of zinc, 3.5% aluminum and 3% magnesium (varies at the manufacturer's request). Magnesium is decisive since it creates a stable and decisive barrier over the entire surface, with much more effective results than those obtained by other alternative products. It clearly improves its resistance to corrosion up to 10 times more than traditional galvanized steel, therefore it is ideal to withstand the most aggressive environments. In addition to being environmentally friendly and highly protective of self-curing shear edges, it is a good alternative to post-galvanizing, aluminum or stainless steel.

Main applications

Construction, stables (excellent resistance to corrosion in environments with chloride and ammonia), solar structures, renewable energy, exterior panels or fences ... (alternative to the post-galvanizing process, aluminum or stainless steel).