Continuous hot dip metallic coatings

Galvanized.- (Z) Consisting of a high quality steel substrate and a molten bath that has at least 99% zinc content.
Iron Zinc Alloy .- (ZF) Subsequent annealing results in a combination of iron and zinc of at least 8% to 12%.
Zinc - Aluminum.- (ZA) Formed by applying a hot dip of zinc plus 5% aluminum plus small amounts of other metals.
Aluminum - Zinc.- (AZ) Immersion of the strip in a bath composed of 55% aluminum, 1.6% silicon and the complement of zinc.
Aluminum - Silicon. (ACE) Immersion of the strip in an aluminum bath and with a content between 8% and 11% of silicon.
Others Others reflected in the EN 10346 standard, after consultation.