High strength steels

High Elastic Limit Low Alloy Steels - HSLA

Microalloyed steels with titanium, niobium or vanadium with a low carbon content that combine excellent mechanical characteristics with good formability and resistance.

Steels with Bake-Hardening

They have an additional hardening characteristic that is achieved by the oven painting process, after the shaping transformations have been carried out, this being a cooking treatment called the "Bake Hardening" effect (BH), additionally increasing at least greater than 40 MPa. It also has good stretching and deformation properties.

Refosphorous Steels

With phosphorus additions, it has a good attitude to shaping and spot welding that allows a reduction in weight for the given level of resistance required.

IF HSS lacking interstitials

Without carbon or interstitial nitrogen, with the addition of titanium or niobium, they present a series of advantages in relation to other high-strength steels, making them stand out in:

  • Superior deformations (with a high rate of strain hardening)
  • They are not susceptible to aging, therefore they are ideal for visible parts such as car bodies.
  • Weight reduction compared to deep drawing steels